Genderfux? Wtfux?

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Yeah…that’s pretty much the gist of it! Club Zero held our second Gender Bender event! Girls were boys, boys were girls…oh it was grand. Amidst the boys trying to figure out those new fangled vaginas, and the girls all peeing on the walls, we managed to conduct one hell of a part. Thanks to Ms. Fizzle for bringing the stomp!

Trevor Darkmatter: AKA Tracey Darkmatter
Evi Mynx: AKA Stevie Mynx
Johnny voom: AKA Janey Voom

::CLUB ★ ZERO:: New Stream

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Shots From The Masquerade Contest (Thanks Sae <3)

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Lev and Sae had what looks like a most lovely event here at Zero, I managed to perv around some in my Jester outfit near the end, and catch the winner Morg in her stunning dress! Here are some candids, courtesy of our lovely dolly, Sae.

Best In Sexy…For The Ladies

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Bekah and Kara are having her first sexy set together, this they wanna celebrate ^^

We gonna have a best in sexy contest for the ladies on Wednesday morning 6-8 am SLT – dress as sexy as you can and get the chance to win two pairs of amazing ladies’ boots sponsored by WarDooM

Don’t miss out on this!!

Time To Say Goodbye To Josh…

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Our very own Josh Marais is about to be a very busy man with field training, and then ultimately his deployment to the services…so we thought we’d send him off with a proper Zero party! Come on down to Zero at 6pm on Monday as we smash along to the finest sounds of DnB, Dubstep, and Hardstyle, and host our very own Best in Street Event, brought to you by Delirium! So come show your support, and have a good time!


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Now through mid June, Club Zero presents our in club Industrial Art Exhibit, featuring the works of Gwen Difference and Zion Zemenis, two well known and celebrated SL artists who have many other rotating exhibits grid wide.

Gwen and Zion’s styles are quiet contrasting… from surreal images of mind melting scenarios by Gwen, to an also most playful free style graffiti like series presented by Zion. Both series encompass themes relevant to the club scene and the music… from the dark and cerebral to the frivolous and carefree.

We also have entries from our very own Hazzard Fizzle and Darzian Silverfall. These two gentlemen have chosen diverse works to exhibit in the club they call home. The entries range from the abstract to the sexual, and are important works that show us the talent and perceptions of our valued staff.

Each week one piece will be show cased above the DJ booth for our patrons’ enjoyment. Additional pieces flank the walls of the second floor leading to the balcony. Don’t miss the chance to stop by Club Zero to peruse this unique and rare in club art exhibit. Additional information on our featured artists can be found on the following urls:

Club Zero is an open minded Industrial/Goth dance club in Second Life open 24-7. Club Zero features the best of Live DJ s who spin a highly request-driven mix of current & classic Industrial, EBM, Power Noise, Aggrotech, Hellectro, Synthpop, Darkwave, Goth Rock, Darkstep, Electro, IDM, Electroclash and related genres. Music styles also occasionally include – Punk, Grunge, Metal, and Underground 80s Wave.

Media Contact: Kittynes Hendrassen, PR Manager

Animal Contest with Johanna!

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On Johanna’s next set, she’s going to be hosting an Animal Contest and Quiz! So Goma on down Monday from 1-3 (German time). Here’s the info!

Animal- Contest with DJane Johanna in german and english!!!

Sponserd by Sculptie Animals

Can you feel the animal inside you? Let it run free!

Are you a furry, a neko, an animal or maybe a human who likes to get wild? The more creative you look the better! Join our contest for the most creative animal avatar and win 3 x  L$ 500 voucher to pick from our high quality products (animals, plants, decoration and more).